This One Woman, like all good things, started with office supplies and holiday punch. 

Kyna Lenhof and Cynthia Shur Petts were enjoying the food and drinks at a holiday party when they decided to make a twist on the one-woman show.  A one-woman show created by and women.  The one-woman show where you don't have to be one or a woman.

They're still working on the tagline, but the show is in full swing. 

Each month, the hosts announce a theme for the next month’s show and invite the audience to write names of women who come to mind and put them in the Jar Full of Women. This being Chicago, people are welcome to vote as many times as they want. At the end of the night, one name is pulled from the jar and becomes the woman of honor for the next performance. Here’s a visual of some of the votes we’ve seen over the years:

Some of the lives our audience wants to learn more about, comedy & variety style.

These Two Women (the co-founders)


Kyna Lenhof

This one woman is a stand-up comedian, storyteller, improviser and all around great gal. She has been performing comedy in Chicago since 2001 and can be seen at places such as Zanies, the kates, Just Dickin' Around, The Fillet of Solo Festival, and the Chicago Women's Funny Festival.

More jokes!

Cynthia Shur Petts

This one woman recently relocated from Chicago to Portland. She is an actor, improviser, comedian, and storyteller who shares awkward experiences with titles such as, "Are You There, Shoplifter Winona Ryder? It's Me, Cynthia" and "I Hit a Very Old Man With My Car and He Was Mostly Okay." 

Cynthia and Kyna as Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. Solid gold.